1. Deferred Payment Bonds

Is the Miramar Landfill requiring you to purchase a bond? Click here to complete the attached Application for an expedited, fast quote. Forward the completed Application to info@kennedyinsurance.com or 619-797-1459 (fax).


  1. Delivery Services (COVID-19)

Is your business now offering delivery due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Contact our office for options; we have markets that will offer short-term policies for this temporary change in operations.


  1. Reduction of Payrolls

If you’ve had to lay off employees or reduce their hours due to COVID-19, our office will work with your Workers Compensation carrier to temporarily reduce payrolls during this difficult time.


  1. Cyber Liability

Malicious attacks are being tailored to evoke fear and anxiety surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Be cautious and, if you are looking for cyber security coverage, we can provide quote options.